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Welcome to Elsewhere!

Due to server issues we are down till further notice
Sorry for any problems this may cause you

Elsewhere is not a City in the World of Darkness chat site. It is not a place specific or game specific site. There are no site wide storytellers overseeing systems and approving characters. There are no rooms for certain locations.

There are simply empty rooms. What you play here is entirely up to you.

Any system, any game, any storyteller, any number of players.

You can come in with any game you like, and any group of players. If you're interested in a game, either as player or as storyteller, but don't have a group to play with, write something up in the forum. Invite folks to play with you.

The rules are simple.

First, don't use the site for anything illegal. That shouldn't have to be said, but the nature of the net being what it is, it has to be.

Second, all copyrights of any game system used here belong to that company. If you need or want to post rules in the forum or on a website, check your game company's rules. If you can't find any, be reasonable, and of course attribute properly.

Third, this site is for RPGs and related. You may hang around ooc, planning things, or looking for people, but at least have something vaguely RPG related in mind somewhere, please?

Fourth, whoever is running a game makes their own rules. If you as a player don't like a game master's rules, find another game or another person to run. Or run one yourself. If you as a game master don't want to deal with a certain player, ask them to leave. The owners are not responsible for any games, or any conflicts between gamers and game masters.

Fifth, have fun! Be creative. Try something new. New eras, new locations, new games. Playtest your own system. Do whatever you like. Rules or lack thereof are up to you and whoever you play with. We're providing the space, what you make of it is up to you!

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